December 7, 2008

Lukewarm Decay

It looks like all it takes is a promise of bailout money to bring together the church. Detroit-area religious leaders -- including Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders convened by Cardinal Adam Maida -- have urged Congress to approve an auto aid package.

BUT: What they're praying about and how they're going about doing it brings to mind the lukewarm church of Revelation 3. The The Lukewarm church stands as the church of materialism, the church of great lack. Rolling SUV's to the pulpit illustrates more clearly how the church of spiritual lack abounds today.

This church assumed having wealth meant they had need of nothing else. They identified riches as being righteous, wealth as holiness, and having a great abundance of “material gain” as special favor from The Lord. While outwardly they were possessors of much, inwardly where true wealth really mattered, they were spiritually poor.

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