January 30, 2009

Britain's Cultural Shift

Britain, once the imperial might of the world, has been one of the hardest hit countries during this current financial crisis. Stepping back from the current financial crisis, we are witnesses to the greatest cultural shift in the history of British society. The once bastion of Orthodox Christianity has slowly decayed. Once vibrant churches have been replaced with mosques, Sharia law has now been accepted alongside British common law has been , and the family unit and moral norms have been marginalized.

Johan Goldberg of the National Review said this about Britain:

Evidence of the reckless driving this yields can be found everywhere in Britain today. In fact, by American conservative standards, Britain is a horror show, or, put more constructively, a canary in the coal mine. “Reforms” that would result in bloody protest in America are newspaper filler here. Just in the last week, British papers have been full of stories about a policeman who used Britain’s omnipresent security cameras to monitor his cheating wife. They are supposed to be used as part of the criminalization of eating while you drive. The government is seeking the ability to disseminate health, tax, and other personal records to whatever agencies, public or private, it chooses. A new pilot program has officials knocking on doors to make sure citizens are managing their leftovers properly. Of course, Britain’s socialized medicine churns out a new cautionary tale every day. Meanwhile, a new study has found that in much of England, 60 percent to 70 percent of economic output comes directly from the government.

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