January 29, 2009

America's Leadership Black Hole

"We all know in the long run everything is going to work out."
"America's economy will turnaround eventually.."
"We'll always be the superpower status."
These quotes were recently echoed by Warren Buffet in an interview with NPB

Isn't this type of naivety the reason America is currently in the biggest financial collapse since the great depression?! Housing prices always go up! We spent our way into this mess and we're going to spend our way out! America has long been a superpower of the world, asserting it's power with each major world catastrophe over this last century. However; to expect that the world is just going to sit back and bow down to our every demand is naive.

America's demise is following in the tradition of the Romans, where power hungry individuals sacrificed the future for the pleasure of the now. Unfortunately there is no free lunch. The time of pleasure has passed, it is now time to pay up. The plans now in place are exactly the opposite America needs to rebuild it's economic engine. Instead, government is taking an even bigger role in private citizen's lives. Take a look at Obama, Reid, Pelosi agenda. A summary below.

* $850 billion destimulus package -- I refuse to call this a stimulus. The idea here is that if the government spends and borrows and prints nearly $1 trillion we all get jobs and get rich. It’s the Bolivia economic model. Probability of passage 80%

* Forced union rules -- Get rid of secret ballots for elections to unionize factories and plants. So much for democracy. This is the payback for the $400 million the union bosses spent to elect Democrats. Probability of passage 50%

* Hillary Health Care – Obama wants a new version of government run health care. And why not? Socialized health care has worked so well in Canada and the U.K. Just don’t get sick. – Probability of passage 50%

* Cap and trade energy tax – This is the mother of all tax hikes, $1.2 trillion over the next decade. The greenies and their patron saint Al Gore are drooling for this new tax because it will cripple American industry and our manufacturing capacity. Good bye jobs but this is the price we pay for our environmental crimes of the last half-century. Probability of passage 50%

* Soak the rich -- Mr. Obama wants to raise the income tax, the capital gains tax, the dividend tax, and the payroll tax. That’s all. But only the rich – that is people who create jobs, take risks, start businesses, work hard, etc. – will pay. So half of all income taxes will be paid by 1% of Americans. Yes, that’s fair. Probability of passage 50%.

* Don’t drill, don’t drill, don’t drill. Barack Obama is likely to seek a law reinstating bans on offshore drilling for oil and gas in the outer continental shelf, Alaska, and in the oil shale rich states out west. Wow, that’s a great way to create jobs! And a great way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. NOT! Probability of passage 75%

* Fairness doctrine -- To make sure all of this liberal big government agenda isn't derailed by the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, the Democrats want to pass the "Fairness doctrine," to make sure that they get equal time on the radio and TV. Have these people ever heard of NPR and Katie Couric? Probability of passage 50%

America's leaders, as elected representatives of the people, are taking America down the slippery slope away from greatness. The time to form a resistance against these policies is now and do so in the spirit of Samuel Adams:
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”

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