July 17, 2009

Battle For Marriage

If the foundations be destroyed, what will the righteous do? Psalm 74

The battle for marriage is the battle of the century. The values, customs, conventions, and norms of the Judeo-Christian traditions that inform and guide a free society are nestled in the institution of marriage and family. Once this wall falls, all others will follow.

Coalition of LGBT groups: Next year too soon for gay marriage vote in CA

The hottest debate among California gay marriage supporters revolves around a simple question: Do you try to overturn Proposition 8 in 2010 or 2012? This week it got hotter, as the community started to choose sides.

A diverse union of LGBT coalitions of color -- including API Equality-LA, HONOR PAC, and the Jordan/ Rustin Coalition -- said let's wait until 2012 before shoving another ballot initiative in front of folks. Their motto: Prepare to Prevail.

Say the P2Pers: Going "back to the ballot to remove the voter-imposed ban on same-sex marriage from the state constitution in 2010 would be rushed and risky. We should proceed with a costly, demanding, and high-stakes electoral campaign of this sort only when we are confident we can win."

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