July 15, 2009

Intentional Destruction. America's Armagreddon Coming Quick

Here's the title from the latest financial decision coming from Obama:

Government will not give lender CIT 2nd bailout

Troubled lender CIT Group says it will not receive government bailout

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration drew a line in the sand on financial bailouts Wednesday, denying emergency aid to CIT Group Inc., a struggling commercial lender on the brink of bankruptcy.

CIT is one of America's largest lenders to small and mid-size businesses. The company has warned that its failure could imperil about a million corporate borrowers, including retailers, restaurants and airlines.

Despite bailouts to every Goldman Sachs exec on Wall Street, the unions, and every other liberal insider, Obama will not give aid to the leading small business lender CIT--the largest lender to small business in America. He is doing everything he can to destroy the middle class of America. Obama could cause more economic destruction in one year than the previous 43 did combined. The Health Care tax, Carbon Tax, Expiring Bush Tax Cuts Tax, other misc taxes like the VAT tax, raise in capital gain tax, etc. This is intentional and he knows what he is doing, if the Senate bows to his wishes, we will have lost possibly every bit of economic freedom gained from Reagan's presidency and more. He wants to fundamentally remake this great country and take from it the liberty and freedom in which we fought for so long to achieve. Rome walked this same path, with a heathen corrupt senate squeezing the middle class dry with taxes and this loss of economic freedom sunk the western half of this empire.

In the US, each problem is recast in a way that lets the federal government become more powerful. There have been reports that some of the proposed environmental legislation will let police agents enter your home to make sure you are sufficiently Green. Fining businesses and individuals if they do not enroll in health insurance programs is another personal invasion. It is hard to realize that we are coming to this. His genius and cleverness convinces the
sheeple with ease that they want to surrender their freedoms.

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