July 15, 2009

Time for the Church to Arise

Without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure.
Ronald Reagan

If the founders were alive, we might have to point out America on a map just to convince them that this is the same country they founded. America has been a great nation due to the framers decision to place God at the foundation of this great democracy. We look around and see the immorality and impiety and wonder where God is. It is not God that has abandoned us though, it is us who have forgotten God.

Ronald Reagan often saw the best for America and his love for man and country stemmed from his belief in God. He believed in individual dignity and freedom, that individuals posses rights to life, liberty, property and freedom without any restriction of arbitrary force. He spoke out these principles and the world listened. The repercussions were enormous with communism falling in Berlin, Russia, and around the world with millions of people set free from the chains of evil dictators and totalitarian regimes.

Today, though all that has changed. I believe a lot can be traced right back to our abandonment of the God who blessed America with riches beyond measure. Now is not the time for division. May the church unite before all is lost.

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