September 25, 2009

Top 10: Green Carnage

Allright, I've had it. This post is going to turn into the top 10 Green Wreckage's of all time. If you've got one, send it to me by posting a comment. Here's two I've got for now:

1. "The authorities forget the species homo sapiens, also part of the ecosystem, is threatened. Its habitat is being destroyed — by government edict. "

In the midst of the greatest recession since the 30's, California is spending millions diverting water from watering the crops into the ocean! Yes and all in the name of protecting a fish--the delta smelt. To protect the smelt, billions of gallons of water from the mountains east and north of Sacramento have been channeled away from farms and into the ocean, while farmers watch their crops wither and their once-productive land become barren. The estimate tab for this man made disaster: $647 MILLION

And one wonders why America's economic system is faltering. We have more people like this Feinstein in our congress than all the rest of the world's government's combined.

2. Another illustration of the stupidity of this green movement. We cannot have Chlorine in the water due to a belief it causes cancer despite no clinical studies providing any evidence for such a link , so we replace it with Choramine, which however causes pipes to erode which causes lead levels to rise, causing even more health problems. Environmentalist don't want us drinking chlorinated water, don't want us drinking bottled water due to the fossil fuels used while transporting it, and we can't even water crops because it might encourage the shipping of crops all over the planet which increases greenhouse gases. God help us all, if they their way drinking water would be criminalized.

God has been replaced by Mother Earth and sanity with acromania, and now we have the green worship czar running our country, tell me this ain't so.

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