January 20, 2011

Preserving the Truth

Our nation was founded as One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for all. Yet, if our modern day media and secular educational systems are to be believe, America was founded by a bunch of right wing religious zealots who didn't believe in faith and were a bunch of agnostic deists. Not so. Just look around you, for the longest time we had more displays of the ten commandments in government buildings than in our churches. Our founders recognized that our rights do come from above and that man made law is only a reflection and founded in natures law and natures God. They established two documents that reflect these notions in the Constitution and Declaration, establishing her course in world history knee deep in God and Faith.

The highlights below each video:

-One of the first acts of the 1st Continental Congress was to publish a Bible at the taxpayers expense for the use in the nation's schools.
-9 of 13 of the original colonies had state religions
-Patriots of all kinds fought in the revolution, Jewish, Christian, secular etc. Why? Because the founders did not establish a country of coercive Christianity--like that of England. Their modus operendi, present the truth and let the truth win.

-Original Supreme Court Justice James Wilson who started America's first law school and wrote the first law book said that, "You cannot have good civil law without divine law."
-Deuteronomy (Mosaic Law) was the most quoted book in out of all the writings of the founders. 15000 writings and 34% of them quoted the Bible, the most quoted book of which is Deuteronomy.

17 of signers of Declaration of Independence lost everything they owned.
7 of the signers never survived to see what they signed.
5 became Prisoners of War.
4 lost their lives.

Washington's wife in a letter to congress after George's death said, "You might as well question his patriotism if you are going to question his Christianity."

Jefferson signed his documents, "In the year of our Lord Christ." He also started church services in the Capitol and had the Marine Corp band perform the music during the services. Jefferson brought in pastors from all denominations to preach. He started a church in the Navy yard, on the Marine base, and other places.

Ben Franklin called for praying at the Constitutional Convention, saying "we've had 5 days of fighting, we need to do some praying." As governor of Penn. he came up with an idea to raise church attendance.

The gov. printing office printed and gave to every member of congress each year Jefferson's book, "The life and morals of Jesus Christ."

Jefferson didn't even put 'President' on his tombstone.

WWII poster stated, "This is our enemy" On the poster, a picture of a sword stabbing the Bible.

If we want this nation restored--as opposed to rebuilt in the way of the Progressives, we had better stand up and fight for our freedoms before they are taken away. The principles of a free society must be preserved. Limited government, personal responsibility, individual liberty, the rule of law, free market economic principles, and moral norms must all be defended and fought for. The founders got it, and answered duties call. Duty calls again, how will you answer it?

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