March 24, 2011

Islamic Prophecy Pointing to the President

Perry Stone comments on Islamic Prophecy and the coming the Mahdi. The Mahdi is a central religious figure that both Sunni and Shiite Muslims believe will arise in the last days and unite the world in Islam. This new ruler will unite the Islamic world in a new Caliph, the same Caliph that beginning to form via revolutions all over the Middle East as we speak: Eqypt, Lybia, Yemen, Bahrain, and now Syria. Both sects also agree that this figure will arise out of the country of Iraq.

The rise of Islam in America--Louis Farrakhan

Nation of Islam leader says his comments on Jews are meant "to pull the cover off Satan" and "Zionists dominate the US government and banks."

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said on Tuesday that Jews and Zionists are “trying to push the US into war” and that “Zionists dominate the US government and banks.”

Farrakhan, 77, made the comments at the Nation of Islam’s annual meeting near Chicago.
Back to Perry: Part II

The Islamic Calendar has 12 months with Ramadan being the sacred month where Muslims believe Gabriel brought the Koran to Mohamed. This Calendar began in 622AD, not at 0 AD in the Christian calendar.

Islamic prophecy states that every 1000 years major renovations will take place. In the 1400th year on the Islamic calendar--in our calendar 1979---the Mahadi was expected to come about. It just so happens that in 1979 that the overthrow of the Shah in Iran happened in this time. In the year 1421--our year 2000---Islam would become a dominant world force. It just so happens that Bin Laden--who proclaimed himself as the Mahdi--decided to attack the west.

Muslims are not like Christians in the fulfillment of prophecy, they are active in wanting to initiate the fulfillment. Unlike the Christian mindset that sits and waits for Christ to come back, the Muslims are looking to self fulfill their prophecies in an effort to unite the world in Islam.

Many Muslims believe that the 'sun will begin to arise at that time.' Some believe that many leaders would rise up in the last days that would protect Muslims and their beliefs in the last days.

Now Part III--A significance to Obama? How is this man in prophecy?

A prediction was made in Islamic Prophecy that a world leader would come between 2001 and 2011 and would help form an Islamic Union, help bring about the Mahdi, and be called the Mahdi.

The sun will rise out of the west is a belief that many, including Farrakhan, believed represented a person that would rise in the form of a leader from a nation in the West.

The seal that was placed Obama's plane and with his campaign looks like a 'sun rising' in the seal.

Perry Part IV:

Here's where it gets exciting and interesting.....

More symbolism: The white horse represents the Anti Christ in Revelation AND the symbol of the Mahdi in Islamic teaching.

Ahmadinajad, Saddam Hussain, etc. all have had white horse's just in case they would be chosen as the Mahdi in the end days.

Barrack is a form of the world blessed in Hebrew. It is also the name of Mohamed's horse. Barrack Obama held his acceptance speech in Denver at the football stadium under a massive....white horse.

& if you're still fascinated with all this and still watching, Part V.

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