August 15, 2011

Encouraging Ministry

After coming across this ministry, Vision Forum Ministries, I could not help but appreciate the mission statement and this project they are pursuing.

Inaugurating a Creative New Strategy for Helping Our Sons Prepare for Manhood and Marriage: The Life Preparation and Manhood Bootcamp

Doug and Joshua Phillips

Is our discipleship model producing young men that are masculine, visionary, articulate, entrepreneurial, and really prepared for marriage? Why are their so many young ladies who are ready to wed, but fewer young men? It is clear that huge strides have been made, but after generations of fatherlessness in America, we have a lot of catch-up to do for our young men, and the purpose of this bootcamp is to help us jump-start the process. This one to two week course will provide young men with a framework for how to dress, speak, talk, and walk like a man. It will offer them a healthy vision to model excellence as a potential suitor, and provide them with clear, biblical guidelines on what they need to accomplish before pursuing a woman’s hand in marriage. The bootcamp will test their skills at entrepreneurship, communication, and more, even as they will be required to demonstrate a level of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical intensity. Stay tuned for more information on our Life Preparation and Manhood Bootcamp.

Status: Please pray for the Vision Forum Ministries team as we spend the next few months preparing to build out this exciting new event. We anticipate that The Life Preparation and Manhood Bootcamp will take place in the second half of 2011. There will be a fee and participants will need to apply for acceptance. Stay tuned in Spring of 2011 for more details.

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