February 1, 2012

Preppers Prepare for World Economic Collapse

For those who missed a terrific series on the people 'prepping' for the end of the world here they are.

National Geographic documented a series on three families prepping for the end of the world.  Their stories are quite compelling and give some practical tips on how best to get ready for when disaster may eventually come.  Perilous days are upon us.  The greatest need will be each other should any disaster come upon us.  Leaning upon faith, family, and friends will become essential to survive any disaster such as a power grid failure, terrorist attack, or economic collapse.

Power Grid Failure:   Family #1 lives in Phoenix and is creating their own sustainable greenhouse in their pool preparing for a nuclear meltdown and power grid failure

Nuclear Disaster:  Family #2 lives in Colorado and is has an underground bunker stacked with a years worth of living supplies.

Economic Collapse:  Family #3 lives in South Carolina and makes their own food, fuel, and has a fortified shelter to protect them once the financial system collapses.

My Vote:  Prepper #3.  They even make their own flour with a bike.  Also--drive their car on wood.

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