March 25, 2015

My evolving list of topics/questions on religion.

Hard questions.  Hard answers.  Understanding what one believes is not always as easy as just showing up to church on Sunday.  
  1. So, you believe in Christianity.  Why?  Why not Islam?
  2. Why is Jesus any better to believe in than Mohammad?
  3. Religion has spread throughout history through violence.  The reason the west is Christian and the east is Hindu/Buddhist has to do with Constantine institutionalizing religion and the Catholic church enforcing religion during the middle ages. 
  4. The appeal to natural law is an appeal to the baser instinct.  Our feeling toward a perceived evil act is simply a biological response given our instinct to survive.  We want to live, so we create laws to ensure that this 'evil' is controlled.
  5. People are good by nature.  People are indoctrinated, like those who believe in the Nazis, and as a result, do bad things.
  6. What is truth?
  7. How is believing in God any different than believing in pink elephants?
  8. The Mayans believed in a number of odd rituals.  Modern society no longer believes in the Mayan gods.  Why?  Because we have new information.  Religion changes as new information is present.  Fast forward 100 years and maybe we'll all believe differently.  Were the Mayans wrong for believing what they believed?  How are you confident that your religion will be any different than the Mayan religion over time?

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