February 4, 2009

America's Cultural Shift

The 20th Century was about innovation and opportunity and the change of a culture. Defined by landmark dates on February 27 1963 and February 10, 1947. Why these dates? Each date symbolized the the culture war that continues today.

February 27, 1963 was the date that Prayer was outlawed in our public schools in Abington Township School District V. Schempp. The precedent was set, now the 1992 Weisman decision against prayer at public announcements and Sante-Fe vs Doe barring student led prayers at public school events have solidified that precedent.

February 10,1947 was the day that the words, "Separation of Church and State" were etched into our Constitution. In Brown V. Board of Education, judge Black ruled, "The First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state. That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach." With these words, the avalanche against religion in the public square started and has continued to this day.

Now it is against the rules to pray or expostulate doctrine of any sort other than Secular Humanism. Christians have lost their voice slowly over the last few decades, fading one court case at a time.

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