February 7, 2009

Russian Bear on the Move.

Russian Bear is on the move today, as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

MOSCOW -- Russia is reasserting its role in Central Asia with a Kremlin push to eject the U.S. from a vital air base and a Moscow-led pact to form an international military force to rival NATO -- two moves that potentially complicate the new U.S. war strategy in Afghanistan.
"Russia would like to reassert itself in the region, and it is using the financial crisis as an opportunity," said Nikolai Zlobin, senior fellow at the World Security Institute, a Washington think tank.

Prophecy: 2,600 years ago, Ezekiel 38 & 39, the prophet predicted a powerful army from the north would ally with a powerful army from the east and unite to attack Israel. While not specially mentioned as 'Russia' and 'China' in Biblical prophecy, many believe that these countries fit the description in Ezekiel's prophecy.

A prominent theologian, John F. Walvoord had this to say about the prophecy:

"Today, to the north of the nation Israel is the armed might of Russia. Never before has it seemed more likely that the prediction will be fulfilled given by Ezekiel (chapter 38-39) of an invasion from the north. To the east is the rising might of Red China, with the growing force of nationalism in India as well as the revival of Japan. Never before has it seemed more likely that there should be a tremendous military host coming from Asia, crossing the Euphrates river, and moving down on the scene of battle in the Middle East as predicted in Revelation 9:16."

The resurgence of the Bear has made this prophecy all the more anticipated.

NOTE: The following video has quite poor sound quality-if you find a better video on this subject let me know. This video addresses the question: Who is Gog?

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